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weddings okcWe’ve all been to a wedding were a few people look like they simply don’t belong there, right? Perhaps, you were one of these people at one time. Maybe you strolled into someone’s wedding or their reception party, helped yourself to a few drinks and a plate of food, made nice with the mother-of-the-bride, and left. It happens, and it’s usually an innocent prank. However, sometimes wedding crashers can get out of hand.

Dr. John Keefe, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, found himself in a peculiar pickle one day while he was leading a wedding. The ceremony was going well, and the bride and groom couldn’t stop lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes. When John Keefe got to the part about, “If there is anyone here who objects to this union, please speak now or forever hold your peace…” a strange man and woman stood up and proudly declared that they objected to the union.

Now, as you can imagine, everyone was shocked because even though this invitation to contest the marriage was offered, nobody ever expected anyone to object. What’s even more strange is, the bride and groom had no clue as to who this couple was. Everyone was looking around the room at each other trying to figure out who these people were and why they objected to this couple getting married.

Dr. Keefe, not wanting to cause a scene, cleared his throat and kindly asked the couple to sit down. He figured that throwing them out the door at this point would only further disrupt the flow of the already awkward ceremony. The couple took their seat, and John Keefe resumed the wedding.

No more than 5-minutes after Dr. Keefe started speaking; a stray banana came flying through the air, hitting the pulpit. Again, everyone was looking around at one another in shock. The bride was upset, the groom was ready to kick someone’s ass, and Dr. John Keefe II had had enough of this sideshow.

John Keefe marched right on over to the offending couple and promptly asked them to leave. They looked at him, then looked at each other, collected their things, and left. There, now all was well in the world again. John Keefe completed the ceremony and the wedding party headed to the reception hall.

Everyone at the reception was buzzing about the mystery wedding crashers, and how heroic Dr. John Keefe was, to have saved the day by kicking them out. John, being the outstanding man that he is, smiled humbly and told the people that he was just doing his job. Not more than 2 seconds after he said those words, a piece of wedding cake came flying through the air and hit him in the head.

John KeefeYep, you guessed it, the mystery couple was back, and they were looking for a fight. However, it was evident they didn’t want to use their fists but rather their food. Soon, the entire wedding party and all of their guests were throwing food at the wedding crashers. Dr. John Keefe’s suit was covered in white frosting and baked beans. All anyone could see was a storm of baked goods, casseroles, meats, and salads being thrown around the hall. Once the fight died down, the mystery couple was gone, never to be seen again.

To this day, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II still feels a wave of anxiety wash over him when he sees a banana.

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