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Tinsley Keefe’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Guide to Consent

As confusing as it might sound, there are times when “yes” does not actually mean “yes”. Now before you get all sassy with your anti-feminism bullshit, look at it this way: a couple is getting hot and heavy. One part of the couple coerces the counterpart into having sexual relations. The counterpart does not say…

sperm donor wedding marriage

You decided you wanted to have a baby. You aren’t in a committed relationship, and you’re getting older. The only thing you could think to do was find a sperm donor to help you create a little life to call your own, and that’s just what you did. Instead of going through an anonymous donor…

American gypsies are amazing people who are wrapped in rich culture and traditions. Gypsies enjoy having parties and typically celebrate just about any life occasion there is. From baptisms to baby showers, gypsy parties are always huge and over-the-top. Weddings are by far the biggest gypsy celebration. Not only are guests in attendance to honor…

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