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Tinsley Keefe Discusses the Legality of Females Being Topless in Public

Tinsley Keefe Discusses the Legality of Females Being Topless in PublicWe have all probably heard about it. You might have even seen it on social media, in person, or from a third party source: the controversy surrounding women going topless in public. The problem revolves around the sexualization of female breasts.

From a young age, children are taught that it is okay for males to go topless in public but disrespectful for females. This is a result of the “distraction” that female breasts can bring to the flow of the general public.

The sexist stigma is that if a female were to go topless in public, all of the attention would turn to her – or rather, her breasts. This is why it is normal to see boys and even male teachers running around shirtless throughout your school days. This is why it is tragic and normal for females to feel shame at their bare breasts and not pride or even nonchalance.

This is why Tinsley Keefe, a female private investigator, wedding officiant, process server, and notary public in Oklahoma City is stressing to females everywhere that breasts are beautiful, they are normal, and there is nothing wrong with setting them free.

. . . Except the unjust law against females going topless in public, of course. But – you know what is not against the law? If you ask a good chunk of females, you will hear that bras are not always necessary for daily life routines and they should not be a requirement for them either.

While some women choose to wear bras because they offer support and comfort, others choose not to for those same reasons. Ultimately, it should be left to the woman to decide. In most cases, bras are not a requirement for women and that should be something amazing; something to appreciate.

Sadly, it is not. As a female private investigator and process server in Oklahoma – more than anything else – Tinsley Keefe has experienced sexism at its worst. Just recently, she was the victim of sexualization and unjust treatment at her daughters’ school!

When arriving at the school, Keefe was harassed by the police officers present for wearing a shirt without a bra underneath. Her outfit consisted of a t-shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Not even cleavage was visible, and still she was subject to their stares and sexualization.

Now, as a private investigator in OKC, Tinsley Keefe makes it a point to know the law. While there has been progress in the sense of women being allowed to go topless in public, it is very slow/minimal progress as opposed to popular social media belief.

Snopes shines light on that topic of discussion,

“In February 2017, a U.S. District Court judge granted an injunction on an ordinance banning female toplessness in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

It is still (unfairly) against the law for women to go topless in public everywhere else, but it is not against the law for women to go braless in public. It is time for female breasts to stop being sexualized.

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