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Tinsley Keefe on the Ethical Dilemma of Personal Friendships and Marriage

So you have gotten married – and you are even happy! What could possibly be better? You have it all: the ideal spouse, a sufficient job, a cute little house with a white picket fence. Maybe you even have a dog (but definitely not a family because it is way too soon). Everything seems to be going perfectly . . . until your best mate calls you in anger because you are spending all of your time with your spouse and they never get to see you anymore.

Tinsley Keefe has worked as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City long enough to know that a large variety of married couples go through the exact scenario described above – including both men and women. You have spent so much time enjoying your days with your new spouse that time starts to escape you and you do not realize your new spouse is not so new anymore. Maybe several months pass, or maybe you are in the struggle for years after getting married. While spending time with your spouse is fantastic – that is why you got married, after all – it should also not be the entirety of your life.

Fortunately, Tinsley Keefe explains that it is possible to balance both your personal friendships and your marriage. Both things are of equal importance to your character, and both things should be of equal influence. While working as an Oklahoma wedding officiant, Tinsley has gotten comfortable with the idea of sharing her own tips on the subject. First of all, do not be ashamed to take the first couple of months post-marriage to actually enjoy the feeling of being newly weds.

That is your opportunity to re-experience the honeymoon phase that many speak fondly of. If your best mates cannot understand why you are spending all of your time with your new spouse, then they have no right being your best mates in the first place. However, do not mistake taking a couple of months with taking a couple of years. If you spend every waking moment with your spouse – even if they are the best person in the world – you will grow tired of them eventually. You will need a break. That is what best mates are for.

As a wedding officiant in OKC, Tinsley recognizes this as the point where many couples tend to go wrong. Take a break, but do not abuse that break. A great idea is to make plans in advance on both ends of the spectrum. For your spouse, set aside a date night once or twice a week. You will spend all day with them, enjoying each other’s company; satisfying your desire to be close to them. Do the same thing with your mates!

Even better, do not be afraid to combine the two – invite your spouse for a night in the town with your mates. Tell your mates to invite their spouses/significant others! Most importantly, Tinsley stresses the importance of utilizing communication. If you can communicate with your spouse and your friends, you will have no trouble balancing your personal friendships and your marriage.

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