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Tinsley Keefe Explains the Different Types of Wedding Officiants 

Tinsley Keefe Explains the Different Types of Wedding Officiants Working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe knows as well as the next bloke that the world of wedding officiants is not as simple as it may appear. One of the biggest misconceptions is that all wedding officiants are the same. Tinsley is quick to offer her knowledge on the subject; explaining that a variety of different wedding officiants exist. You will want to do research on the different officiant categories before choosing one for your wedding, as every category has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Civil Officiants

If your ultimate goal is to simply unite legally with your significant other, then a civil officiant is probably what you need. Civil officiants can range from a justice of the peace to a local judge from the county clerk’s office. If the right civil wedding officiant is chosen, you will find that the process of officiating your vows is still personal and memorable. Most civil officiants take pride in their work and jump at the chance to bring happiness to others.

Professional Officiants

Tinsley Keefe identifies as a professional wedding officiant; working with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma. This is why she knows that when in doubt, a professional officiant is exactly what you are looking for. Most professional officiants offer the choice of both spiritual/religious wedding ceremonies and flexible, relaxed wedding ceremonies. In addition, professional officiants are also more likely to cater to the LGBT community.

If you choose a professional wedding officiant with similar grace and charisma that is carried by wedding officiant Tinsley Keefe, you will find your wedding to be the dream you have always longed for.

Religious Officiants

For members of religious communities, a religious wedding officiant is probably what you are looking for. On average, a religious wedding ceremony is led by a rabbi, pastor, priest, or an Imam. If your religion and/or spirituality is something you hold close to you, then a religious wedding has the potential to be truly beautiful.

Family or Friend Officiants

Finally, friends and family can also legally become wedding officiants by getting ordained. This option is favored among tight-knit families and groups of friends – and with good reason. Who would not want to be married by a close friend/family member? If you are looking to make your wedding more personal, this option could be right up your alley. Just make sure the person you choose is someone you trust wholeheartedly.

And of course, double check that your state even allows individuals the ability to get ordained in order to officiate a wedding.

Making A Choice

Tinsley Keefe has enough experience working as a wedding officiant in OKC to know that the final decision is the most important one. Your choice in wedding officiant can set the tune of your entire wedding. Tinsley stresses the necessity of choosing wisely. Make sure you do your research on any unfamiliar wedding officiant possibilities – read reviews, check references, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Communication is key.

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