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Tinsley Keefe Offers Advice for LGBT Wedding Officiants

Tinsley Keefe Offers Advice for LGBT Wedding OfficiantsYou would think – you would hope – that in today’s day and age, we would be above intolerance and bigoted views. You would think that our personal prejudices would stay hidden in respect for other humans. You would think.

You would think wrong. Working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City has caused Tinsley Keefe many trials, and while she loves her job . . . it is not always easy. Unfortunately, that tends to be the case in most workplaces. People will let their unjust opinions get in the way of their professionalism. This is especially evident for illiberal zealots communicating with members of the LGBT community.

If the media has told the truth about anything lately, it is the discriminatory views surrounding a community of virtually harmless people. Instead of getting angry about the things that matter – like climate change, poverty, or even teen pregnancy and suicide rates – people are getting angry over things like gay marriage and provocative clothing.

During her experience at wedding ceremonies while working as an Oklahoma wedding officiant, Tinsley Keefe has grown accustomed to hearing the same troubles from her fellow wedding officiant colleagues: prejudiced views are everywhere. Because of this unsettling fact, Tinsley is constantly sharing her own personal advice with those suffering from unjust, discriminatory situations.

For starters, if possible, Tinsley recommends moving to a liberal state like Oregon or Vermont. Even more, if you can afford and organize it, you can offer traveling wedding officiant services. If that is not an option, Tinsley also suggests taking the stealth approach. You have nothing to be ashamed of if you are part of the LGBT community. In fact, it is something you should embrace.

However, because society is still behind with the times, you might be better off keeping it under wraps in the workplace. That is not to say that you cannot confide in anyone, but do not trust them until they prove their worthiness. On the other hand, as a member of the LGBT community, you also have the right to embrace that fact instead of trying to hide it.

As a wedding officiant in OKC that is also a member of the LGBT community, Tinsley Keefe prefers the ladder: embracing her true self and saying “screw it” to anyone that opposes. While there are times that she still has to use the stealthy approach, Tinsley mostly opts for featuring her LGBT membership as an advantage (because it IS an advantage).

Yes – some people are assholes that do not deserve our time or appreciation. Surely that also means they do not deserve our hard work and devotion; our services and expertise. This is why Tinsley reaches out to the younger, more liberal audience – the non-religious, open-minded, adventurous members of society. As it turns out, there are hundreds of people that will choose a sweet, liberal wedding officiant over a judgmental, conservative wedding officiant.

The biggest thing that Tinsley urges you to remember is that no matter what you are – straight, gay, trans, black, white – it does not matter because in the end, we are all human.

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