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Tinsley Keefe's Guide to Interfaith Marriages

Tinsley Keefe’s Guide to Interfaith Marriages  

Interfaith marriages are more common nowadays than not. In fact, for most people, religion is not a qualifying factor when prowling the dating jungle. People look for things like common interests and steady jobs – intrigue and attraction – and, of course, people look for looks. You cannot blame them for being shallow; it is in the human nature. That being said, there is no such thing as “ugly”.

Everyone’s taste in partners is different – to one person you could be hideous, and to another you could be simply breathtaking. It is funny how the world works. Looking back on her earlier wedding officiant days in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe can still recall when religion was a very important qualifying factor in marriage. In fact, there were times when people looked first for religion, and second for looks. In today’s society, religion is no longer as touchy of a subject as it used to be. Most teenage girls are no longer dreading their Christian parents meeting their Atheist boyfriend.

While religion is not nearly as important in marriages as it used to be, that does not mean it is not still a problem for some. Although most people leave behind religious restrictions after leaving behind fanatically religious households, they are still left to deal with the ridiculous aftermath of getting engaged to someone of a different faith. Tinsley Keefe knows from her experience working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma that most people fight for their family’s acceptance as opposed to their own internal battles.

This is why Tinsley offers advice to those struggling with the ramifications of an interfaith marriage in an overly religious family. First of all, Tinsley stresses the importance of respect. When breaking the news to your religious family, make sure you not only respect their beliefs, but demand that they respect yours as well. Make sure they realize why you are getting married. Love knows no boundaries; including religion.

Having a mature discussion with your family about your interfaith marriage might not be as successful as desired. This is why Tinsley has utilized her OKC wedding officiant experience by coming up with a Plan B: screw what other people think. If your family cannot deal with the fact that you are marrying outside of your religion, then they can sit their merry asses at home while you enjoy your big day. The last thing that Tinsley recommends when dealing with the repercussions of an interfaith marriage in an overly religious family is seeking comfort in not only your friends, but your future life partner.

They will want to be there for you through this process, and vice versa if they suffer something similar. In the end, the only thing that matters is the acceptance and love of each other. You are getting ready to spend your life with this person. Do not let the intolerant opinions of others keep you from enjoying what should be the happiest day of your life. Above all else, let love guide you to the happiness you deserve.

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