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Tinsley Shares 3 Wedding Ideas for Private Investigators Tying the Knot

Getting married is one of the most exciting experiences in one’s lifetime – or at least it should be. Tinsley Keefe has worked as wedding officiant in Oklahoma City long enough to know that marriage is no longer what it used to be. Too many people are getting married for the wrong reasons. Yet, the area of work is still worth it for the moments where the marriage is true and the love is real. Tinsley has also worked as a private investigator in Oklahoma City long enough to know that when private detectives are tying the knot, they are almost always extremely aware of the person they are marrying.

This plays in their favor, as they find comfort in using their skills to judge whether their significant other truly loves them. When it is finally time to tie the knot, they can be happy knowing their relationship is not based on lies and deceit. Furthermore, they can enjoy the process of planning a wedding with the help of a wedding officiant like Tinsley Keefe. After all, when you get a dual wedding officiant-private investigator offering wedding ideas, you know the creativity is thriving.

#1: Utilizing Investigation Skills

As a private investigator in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe is used to utilizing her investigation skills in more than just her career. Most private detectives will use their detective skills in their daily routines; almost as a second nature. Combined with Tinsley’s OKC wedding officiant instincts, her private investigation skills become more than just a qualifying factor in her career; they become infinite wedding ideas. For example, a private detective could use their investigation skills to provide unique entertainment at their wedding reception.

#2: Getting Fashionably Creative

Although Tinsley’s private investigator career in OKC does not require a uniform, there is a popular stigma behind the fashion choices of private detectives. As a wedding officiant, Tinsley uses that stigma in the form of creativity when helping her Oklahoma clients. In other words: what is a stigma to some is inspiration to others. A trench coat could make a beautiful wedding dress if designed correctly. Just imagine the possibilities – and I am not talking silly possibilities either. If the right person designed the dress, a trench coat base could be stunning. Likewise, the veil could be the cliché private detective fedora.

#3: Playing on the Mysteries

Tinsley Keefe proposes the idea of a wedding murder mystery. Who would not remember a wedding so unique in the sense of mystery, intrigue, and romance? If you took the time to plan a murder mystery wedding – with the help of a wedding officiant, of course – you might realize that the time and effort is completely worth it. Everyone deserves the chance to have the wedding of their dreams. Even if murder mystery is not up your alley as a private detective, you can still figure out unique ways of incorporating a mystery into your wedding. For example, you could even organize a bachelor or bachelorette party based on a mystery of some sort. The possibilities are endless.

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