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Tinsley's Trick to Working as Both a Notary Public and Wedding Officiant

If you are going to operate as one, you might as well operate as the other. Notary publics and wedding officiants are very similar in the sense that they are verified individuals that can officially take care of your legal documents. In some states, a notary public is authorized to sign a marriage certificate. Unfortunately, there are many requirements and qualifications that factor into that – and furthermore, a notary public will not attend your wedding, help you organize it, or act as a wedding officiant  . . .  because they are not a wedding officiant.

This is one of the main reasons why Tinsley Keefe chooses to operate as both a licensed wedding officiant and a verified notary public in Oklahoma City. By working as both, Tinsley is able to offer both types of services to her clients; no matter what they might need (within reason, of course). Now, there is a process when it comes to legally working as both a notary public and a wedding officiant; though the process is hardly considered “difficult”. In fact, the process is fairly simple and self-explanatory.

For starters, Tinsley Keefe knows as a wedding officiant and notary public in Oklahoma that the best place to start is reading up on your state’s wedding laws. This is because licensing requirements vary from state to state. The easiest way to get this information is by calling the county clerk in the corresponding counties where the weddings will take place – or at least where you suspect the weddings will take place.

In addition, if you maximize internet search engines, you will find more information than you know what to do with. Do not let it intimidate you; instead, use specific phrases like: how do I become ordained in ___. Still, a large variety of resources will pop up. This is where you must exercise your ability to compare and research; discover the fees and requirements that each organization has, how long the ordainment is (a year – a lifetime?), and any other qualifying factors that might impact your final decision.

After ordaining yourself, the next step is getting your services and name out there. Maybe you already have a beginning in the form of your notary public business page or website – even if you do not, it does not matter. Create social media pages. Create a website. Work on advertising tactics and promotion plans. Consider hiring a social media firm for assistance in the beginning; otherwise work with other local notary publics and wedding officiants to maximize your reach.

In the end, working as a notary public and a wedding officiant can be a blessing for many reasons. For starters, Tinsley Keefe knows from her personal experience operating as both a notary public and a wedding officiant in OKC that the extra income can be more helpful than you might initially expect. Furthermore, by acting as both, your clients can feel comfort in the familiarity of the same person as opposed to a new individual to grow accustomed to.

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