Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Proudly Performs Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma for the LGBT Community

By July 25, 2015 2 Comments
LGBT Weddings in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court finally said to the public, “The time for blatant discrimination against the LGBT community, which has kept them as second class citizens, is at an end.” Now consenting adults nationwide who are both of the same gender can freely marry whomever they choose! This is indeed an extremely special time in the lives of those who have felt such harsh oppression based upon superstition, bigotry, and a complete lack of education. Of course, while the LGBT community still has much to do in terms of gaining a status that equals that of their heterosexual counterparts, Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies has never discriminated against the LGBT community!

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies has always opened its hearts and minds to the lives of the gay and lesbian community here in Oklahoma. We believe that no one should have to suffer in such discriminatory, hateful ways. Dr. John Patrick Keefe, II, a licensed minister and wedding officiant in Oklahoma City and elsewhere, happily officiates these wedding ceremonies for all LGBT and heterosexual couples.

Love is about love, and whether or not two people can marry in Oklahoma and elsewhere should not depend upon one’s race, religion or lack thereof, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, height, weight, age (provided they are legally old enough to marry), ethnic origins, disability (provided they are of a sound mind to marry), political affiliation, etc. Love is and should always remain between two people, and marriage is indeed a special right of all adult individuals to strengthen their bonds and commitment to one another.

All straight and LGBT couples may freely contact Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies and Dr. John Patrick Keefe, II for all of their wedding officiant needs. Our company is more than happy to provide a loving, caring, dedicated wedding officiant to help with your special wedding ceremony needs. Please just give us a call at (405) 696-6450 or visit our website at