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Why a Wedding Officiant in OKC Should Perform an Oklahoma Gay Marriage

By September 15, 2015 One Comment
Oklahoma Gay Marriage - Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

The year is now 2015, and we are already well into the 21st century. The Age of Reason has finally reached many wedding officiants in Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma gay marriage has become the law of the land. Nevertheless, there is still many a wedding officiant in OKC who refuses to perform weddings in OKC for Oklahoma gay marriage ceremonies. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies finds this totally egregious and Neanderthal, especially given how much time has passed in our evolution and the easy access to both the Internet and higher education. In our day and age, there is simply no longer a plausible excuse for a wedding officiant in OKC to refuse to perform an Oklahoma gay wedding.

Some wedding officiants in Oklahoma City have readily contended that Oklahoma gay marriage is “unethical” or “sinful” per se. No loving god nor goddess would ever shame nor condemn people wishing to enter into a loving union for such silly reasons. It is one thing if the two people are only five years old, but a wedding officiant in OKC should never refuse to perform weddings in OKC based off of one’s sexuality.

Two people who genuinely love one another and who are willing to make that commitment to one another should definitely be allowed to do so. As the older generation of wedding officiants in OKC pass on, the younger generation of wedding officiants in OKC will be much more open to performing an Oklahoma gay marriage. The LGBT community has suffered so much hardship and oppression, and they readily deserve to be just as happy or unhappy as every heterosexual married couple.

Time and history will be on the side of the LGBT community and each wedding officiant in OKC who is willing to perform gay wedding services. Indeed, many gay wedding officiants are now taking the lead and are becoming wedding officiants in OKC, and thus they are performing weddings in OKC for the LGBT community. Times are changing, and the old guard that is often now seen as repressive is on its way out. Thus, wedding officiants in Oklahoma should step up to the plate and begin performing an Oklahoma gay wedding today.

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