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Various Types of Wedding Officiants in OKC

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Wedding officiants in OKC span across a large number of industries. In order to perform wedding services in Oklahoma City, once most first learn about the education and preparatory measures required to become a marriage officiate in Oklahoma City. This guide will help you understand the details about obtaining a wedding minister license in Oklahoma City.

The Basics…

In order to become a wedding officiant in OKC, there are few things that need to be accomplished, depending on the type of marriage service provider you wish to become. In any case, the most popular marriage officiants in Oklahoma City are members of the clergy, ministers, court official like the justice of the peace, judges, and county clerks. Sometimes, public notaries and captains of ships are also able to provide wedding services in OKC.

It is up to you to determine which type of marriage officiate in Oklahoma you want to be and depending on your decision, you may have to:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • Attend law school in order to obtain an officiates license (judges) or become ordained if you desires to be a wedding minister in OKC

A Few Statistics…

Recent research has shown that job growth for marriage officiates in Oklahoma City pose no changes for judges, are up by eleven percent for county clerks, and are expected to increase by ten percent for members of the clergy. These figures are projected for the 2012 – 2022 period.

The average annual salary for judges is around $115,000. $44,000 for clergy members, and $43,000 for county clerks. Due to the rise in Oklahoma gay wedding planning, these figures could increase even more. Oklahoma LGBT weddings are occurring in droves since recent legislation has made them legal.

Wedding Ministers in Oklahoma City

If you are ordained by a religious affiliation that entitles you to lead congregational members in worship and other religious activities, you are able to act as a wedding officiant in OKC. The types of ceremonies you perform can be traditional in nature or part of the Oklahoma gay wedding movement. As a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, your job is to lead couples down the path of spiritual marriage. You may also have to provide pre and post marriage services in OKC such as counseling.

Judges and Other Court Officiants

Although the main role of a judge is to oversee matters of a legal standpoint, they are also able to hold wedding services in Oklahoma City. Judges can perform a variety of duties such as Oklahoma gay weddings. Court clerks can perform the same duties (as far as marriage is concerned, except for divorces) that a judge can. In some cases, clerks can help the couple plan their wedding services in OKC. Unlike a judge, court clerks can leave the courthouse to perform marriage officiant services in OKC. This means, if you do not wish to have a wedding minister in Oklahoma City perform your marriage service, you can opt for a court clerk to officiate your OKC gay or traditional marriage in at a venue of your choice.

Whichever path you decide to go down, make sure you fully educate yourself on the logistics of each marriage officiant’s job in Oklahoma City before making your final decision.

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