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Simple Guide to Planning the Perfect Oklahoma LGBT Wedding

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First off and foremost, congratulations on your choice to tie the knot! Planning an Oklahoma gay wedding is exciting business, but requires a lot of legwork. Hiring wedding services in OKC can greatly benefit you and your partner to ensure your wedding goes down without a hitch. As you already know, Oklahoma gay weddings are always fabulous, filled with great people, and make for a perfect day. This guide will help you and your partner get down to business as easily as possible.

Share the Good News With Your Loved Ones

Announcing your marriage in Oklahoma is the first step to planning your gay wedding. In some families, your choice to enter into a same sex relationship may not fare well with certain members. It is best to refrain posting your engagement on social media until all parties have been made privy. This will save any shock from ensuing over the internet. If after telling your family that you’re going to have a wedding minister in Oklahoma perform a gay ceremony for you and your fiancée, you still wish to post to social media, have it at!
Decide on a Wedding Location

One of the biggest decisions you will make concerning your wedding is the venue. In some cases, the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City that you choose can help you find a suitable place to say your nuptials. Whether you decide to go traditional and have a wedding officiant in OKC perform your ceremony at a church or something swankier such as a beach service, most wedding ministers in Oklahoma City will accommodate your wishes.

Choose Who Will Stand Up in Your Wedding

If you haven’t already, now is the time to select your wedding party for your marriage service in OKC. This can be any number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and/or ring bearers. You may wish to have all groomsmen or all bridesmaids at your wedding service in Oklahoma City. The sky is the limit and the choice is all yours. Set all clichés aside and go with your personal preferences, as the day belongs to you and your partner. Any wedding minister in Oklahoma City won’t care who you decide to have in your wedding.

Prepare the Guest List

Deciding on whom to invite to your Oklahoma City gay marriage ceremony is something you and your partner need to discuss, openly. If there is someone in the family that you do not wish to attend, be truthful about it. There is no reason why anyone you aren’t comfortable with should be at your wedding. If you need guidance, speak with your wedding minister in OKC.

Plan Your Ceremony

Finally, plan the type of service you wish to have. Find a marriage officiant in OKC who is open to gay marriage, most of them are. The wedding officiant in OKC that you choose will help you and your fiancée decide on a ceremony that is just right for the both of you. Remember, this is your wedding and the type of ceremony you choose will create lasting memories for you both.