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Choosing a Stellar Wedding Minster in OKC for Your Gay Ceremony

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Equality and gay rights are currently at a forefront these days (thankfully) and wedding services in Oklahoma City are booming. Choosing a wedding officiant in OKC for your Oklahoma gay wedding ceremony is a thoughtful process and requires some investigating to ensure you and your fiancée find the right wedding minister in OKC.

If You’re Eloping…

Some folks who are interested in Oklahoma City gay marriage find themselves wanting to skip the hustle and bustle of planning a huge wedding. If you and your partner choose elopement, make sure the county in which you plan to say your “I do’s” can provide you with an authorized wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. You may even want to consult a lawyer to determine your rights when eloping as a gay couple.

Legal Marriage at the Courthouse

This is another way of tying the knot if you wish to skip a large church wedding. Most wedding officiants in OKC who are permitted to marry couples at the courthouse will have no qualms performing a gay ceremony. Make sure that the wedding minister in OKC possesses the experience and skills you both require before committing to this type of ceremony.

Illegal Wedding Services

The term “illegal” sounds like something criminal, but don’t let that bother you. All it means is that the jurisdiction you and your fiancée are planning to say your vows at might not be legally accepting gay marriages as of yet. In the United States, gay marriage is legal everywhere now though. At any rate, you can still have your wedding at the venue of choice, but it’s imperative you find a wedding officiant in OKC who is open to Oklahoma gay wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Services with Religious Connotations

If you and/or your fiancée have deep-rooted religious affiliations and wish your wedding minister in Oklahoma to perform your ceremony, it is best to connect with them and detail your plans. Your marriage officiate in Oklahoma of choice may or may not be accepting of Oklahoma gay weddings. If you find that they don’t, seek out an Oklahoma gay wedding planning agency who can help you find a wedding officiant in OKC who does.

Small, Quiet Ceremonies

If you and your partner still desire the glitz and glamour of a festive wedding service, but desire a more intimate setting, the small Oklahoma gay wedding is for you. Small ceremonies usually consists of a few close friends and family, perhaps one or two people in your bridal party (or zero, if you prefer), and the Oklahoma LGBT wedding officiate. Take the time to plan your small marriage service in OKC just as you would a large-scale wedding, but be more modest with your choices.

Large Wedding Services

Just as you would plan a small wedding service in OKC, also plan your large Oklahoma gay wedding, just on a bigger scale. When preparing for your big day, locate a wedding minister in Oklahoma City who is experienced with performing Oklahoma gay weddings. The marriage officiant in OKC should be open-minded and ready to help you say your vows. Most wedding officiants in OKC are open to wedding services of a gay nature. Be blunt about the details of your large wedding to ensure your special day is all that you dreamed it to be.

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