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Say “I Do” In an Offbeat Way

By January 5, 2016 No Comments

Weddings are supposed to be fun, right? This very special day in your life needs to be remembered by guests as “magical.” Wedding officiants in OKC will help accommodate any ideas and themes that you may have for your big day. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City proudly offer their services to all couples, including Oklahoma LGBT unions. With that being said, anything is possible when it comes to your OKC wedding day.

Say goodbye to cookie cutter weddings and plan a service and reception that complements the character and personality of you and your partner. Marriage officiants in Oklahoma adore making their clients happy and will go to almost any length to give you the type of ceremony that you desire.

Here are a few ways that your marriage service in OKC can deviate from the norm:

  • Play Rock, Scissors, Paper – This is a fun way to determine which one of you will say their vows first. Explain what you plan to do to your wedding minister in OKC before the event so that he or she can accommodate you.
  • Collect Flowers as You Make Your Way Down the Aisle – This is truly a spectacular idea for any wedding service in OKC. Before the wedding begins, place an assortment of flowers next to the entrance of the OKC wedding venue. Instruct guests to grab a flower and hand it to the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. This offbeat wedding idea allows guests to become an interactive part of the wedding.
  • Blindfold the Bride and/or Groom – This little twist on tradition works well for both heterosexual and Oklahoma City gay marriages. It’s always been a big deal for the bride and groom not to see one another before the wedding day, right? Take it a bit further and wear a blind fold as the ceremony starts, taking it off when the marriage officiant in OKC directs you too. This will be the first time you see each other as a married couple!
  • Hold an Outdoor Reception with Bug Repellant – This is more of a courtesy than a non-traditional wedding idea. However, how many people have suffered through an outdoor summer wedding being eaten alive by mosquitos? Provide bug spray stations for your guests and marriage officiant in Oklahoma City.
  • Give Guests Local Wedding Favors from Oklahoma City – This is a nice gesture, especially for friends and family who may be attending your OKC wedding from out of town. Provide small trinkets that represent the rich history of Oklahoma City as take-home wedding favors.
  • Include a Wedding “Shower” Ceremony – This is fun and easy to plan. Fill a vase with small pebbles, coins, sand, and other tiny morsels. At the end of the ceremony, the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will ask the happy couple to stand under an umbrella as he or she pours this fabulous unity and prosperity mix over the top.

Remember, these are only a few offbeat wedding ideas. The best ideas come from within your mind. Get with your wedding minister in OKC to come up with a wedding plan that is personal and meant just for you and your partner.

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