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Walk Down the Aisle with Breasts Bared, Ladies!

By January 6, 2016 No Comments

Society has created a lot of rules for itself, especially where gender roles are concerned. When it comes to our bodies, women have been taught to keep their breasts covered because these two lumps of pliable flesh are considered to be “private parts.” Has anyone every asked the question, “why?” Men are able to bare their chests freely at home, in public, and on the covers of many popular magazines and nobody bats an eye. Why is this? It’s time we stop seeing the female form as something to be covered and start embracing those beautiful curves as something natural and innocent.

Wouldn’t it be great if your wedding in Oklahoma City could take place with everyone baring their bosoms? Not only would the men in attendance be shirtless, but the ladies as well. What a beautiful way to celebrate gender equality while taking your vows! Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are more than willing to meet your specific needs on this very special day.

Whether you are having an Oklahoma City gay marriage or are part of a heterosexual union, saying “I do” topless would make a bold statement about your character. Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City will help you plan your service as well as guide you in terms of telling guests that your wedding won’t be a typical exchange of nuptials. The wedding minister in Oklahoma City that you choose might even be able to help you create fun and thoughtful wedding invitations that detail your plans to bare your breasts as you walk down the aisle. You may even wish to invite your guests to attend your service sans shirts.

Allowing your nipples to be seen and not be constricted by clothing is a major step for some women, especially at her own wedding. However, keep in mind that men have been baring their nipples since the beginning of time. There is nothing wrong with this practice and it is only unacceptable to some people because society likes to live under legalistic rules and regulations. Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City refuse to follow these bylaws and believe in giving you the marriage service in OKC of your dreams.

Picture this, you are walking down the aisle (or wherever you decide to hold your marriage service in OKC) and you are only dressed from the waist down. Imagine how freeing that would feel! Maybe your bridesmaids will also be topless at your Oklahoma LGBT wedding or heterosexual union. In fact, your wedding minister in Oklahoma might even decide to do away with his or her shirt in honor of your special day.

If you are a nudist, the battle for you is half won as you are already comfortable baring your breasts. However, maybe you never thought that you could get married with “the girls” exposed in all of their perky glory. Guess what? With wedding officiants in OKC, anything is possible, including an OKC wedding service that allows you to stand next to your mate proudly with your boobs on display.

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