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Memorable and Meaningful Atheist Oklahoma City Wedding Services

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Just because you reject the belief system of religion, god, and gods does not mean that your marriage service in OKC is going to be dull, boring, and unmemorable. Many atheists get married by wedding officiants in OKC each year and their ceremonies are nothing less than stellar. Even those who do not identify with atheism sometimes wish to leave God off the guest list. Ministers in Oklahoma City have no qualms over performing non-religious wedding ceremonies, so rest assured.

An OKC wedding is about so much more than just the words that are said during the marriage service. In fact, the speech at any wedding ceremony, whether it be religious or non, is only a small part of the big day. As an atheist, you have a lot of other OKC wedding planning to think about such as the venue, the dress, the tux, the food, and much more. When the focus isn’t going to be about religion, as it tends to be in traditional weddings, make it about the atmosphere instead.

The marriage officiant in OKC that you choose will ask you and your partner about the type of ceremony you both wish to have. This is the time to detail your desire for a non-religious service. Together, plan what the wedding minister in Oklahoma City will say on your big day. There are a variety of options from short and sweet readings, poetry, and composing your own vows.

Know that the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City is there to make you happy, not to judge you. It doesn’t matter if you are an atheist or do not desire a religious overture during your marriage service in OKC. Every wedding is beautiful, including those that are non-traditional.

Did you know that when religious doctrine is removed from wedding services in OKC, couples have to think more for themselves and invent personal ways to make their wedding day memorable and special? In a way, these types of vow exchanges are more meaningful than a traditional religious ceremony because the couple is 100% focused on each other. Proclaiming your love solely to one another and not with God in the mix does come with its perks.

Atheist weddings should be looked upon as a celebration of love. Commence this celebration with plenty of music, readings, sharing, and photos. Talk to your wedding officiant in OKC if you are concerned about your atheist ceremony being too short and ask for ideas on what you and your significant other can do to stretch the service out.

As a non-believing couple, you both need to embrace your uniqueness. Bring these qualities to your wedding day and share them with your friends and family. Whether you’re having an atheist Oklahoma LGBT wedding, heterosexual wedding, or something in between, know that only you, your attitude, and outlook on the day can make the event amazing. With the help of your thoughtful wedding minister in Oklahoma, try not to make the focus of your wedding about atheism, but rather a celebration of love between you and your best friend.

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