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A Handful of Sister Wives and One Groom: Polygamist Weddings in OKC

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Polygamy has gotten plenty of attention within the last few years due to recent media coverage of sects being viewed as “cultish” and reality TV shows such as “My Five Wives” and “Sister Wives.” Although the media makes polygamy out to be something strange, weird, and wrong, this isn’t always the truth. Perhaps you are part of a polygamist union and your husband is looking to bring another wife into the fold, but you are afraid to seek out a wedding minister in Oklahoma City to perform the spiritual union. Maybe you have anxiety over being judged, looked down upon, or many other unsavory things. Wedding officiants in OKC will never make you feel bad. Their goal is to unite all couples in marriage no matter what type of lifestyle they lead.

Meeting Your Wedding Minister

Upon meeting with your wedding minister in Oklahoma, detail your desire to bring another wife into your home. In most polygamist families, the first wife typically holds both a legal and spiritual marriage to her husband. All subsequent wives are married via a spiritual marriage service in OKC. This is because it is against the law to be legally married to more than one partner. Your wedding minister in OKC will make sure that your wedding day is safe, respected, and performed in an inconspicuous manner that won’t provoke any suspicion from law enforcement.

Planning polygamist marriage services in OKC is a joy for most Oklahoma wedding ministers. There is an unlimited amount of ways that the ceremony can go. You and your future husband can personalize your spiritual wedding in any shape or form. One idea is to have your sister wives as your bridesmaids. How beautiful would it be to walk down the aisle with your groom and future sister wives staring back at you?

If you are coming into the family as a second, third, fourth, or more wife, chances are high that many children already exist. Consider incorporating them into your polygamist wedding. After all, you’ll be considered as a mother to these children and your wedding day will be a wonderful way to seal the deal. Older kids can read poetry or something of the like while the younger ones can sing a song. You can even give each child a role such as flower girls, ring bearers, and guest seating escorts. Your wedding minister in Oklahoma City will help you plan how to involve the children into your marriage service in OKC.Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiant

You have the freedom to compose your own vows to one another or the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City can create them for you. These vows can be exchanged before, during, or after you give each other rings. There are so many possibilities for creating lasting memories during a spiritual polygamist wedding. How you choose to spend your special day is completely up to you. With a wedding minister in OKC on your side, the event is bound to be beautiful.

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