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Wedding Cake, Champagne, and Hookah Smoke

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Times are changing and society is becoming more progressive than it ever has before, thankfully. The way we celebrate certain life events, such as Oklahoma City marriages, is changing too. It’s time to say goodbye to tradition and hello to something new. If you want your wedding to deviate from the norm, consider the possibilities that a hookah lounge can bring to your event.

Not only would adding a hookah bar to your wedding bring unique qualities to your marriage service in OKC, but also charisma, beauty, and sweet smells. Hookah pipes are extremely lovely to look at and can serve as a functional decoration at your marriage service in OKC.

Imagine the looks of delight on your hookah-smoking guest’s faces when they walk into your Oklahoma City wedding venue and see this pretty piece of equipment laid out. Your wedding officiant in OKC will enjoy seeing the hookah as well and fully endorse your choice to have one at your wedding. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City are very open-minded and enjoy seeing their clients happy.

Feel free to place hookah pipes wherever you are holding your ceremony, provided that the venue is in agreeance. It’s always best to clear these details beforehand. As guests filter in to the venue, they can smoke and mingle. Most wedding officiants in OKC won’t have any problems with you and your guests smoking during the OKC marriage service. Your wedding is your special day and will be honored as such.

Oklahoma gay wedding planning, heterosexual wedding planning, and every wedding in between should be personally created. Wedding officiants in OKC will always do their best to give you and your spouse-to-be the wedding of your dreams. It doesn’t matter what other people think; if you want a hookah lounge at your wedding, then so be it.

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City will help direct you in finding creditable hookah dealers, shisha shops, and arranging the smoke stations in fashionable ways. Keep in mind, your wedding reception should be fully stocked with hookah pipes so that each guest can partake as they please. Consider choosing a variety of flavors in terms of shisha such as strawberry, peach, lemon, vanilla, and even marijuana.

If you have worries about older guests being offended by your choice to have a hookah bar at your marriage service in OKC, your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City might be able to chat with them and ease their concerns. Sometimes those who are considered to be “old-school” might view the hookah pipe as a “hippie” practice or disrespectful. Giving these folks a bit of guidance and education about what a hookah and shisha is and represents typically calms any negative preconceived notions.

In any case, never feel guilty about the decisions you make concerning your Oklahoma gay or straight wedding. The day is about you and your mate’s union of love, and the feelings of other’s shouldn’t matter during this time. Your wedding minister in OKC will see to it that your hookah-themed wedding goes down without a hitch.

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