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Your Spouse is How Old?!

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The Advantages of Marrying Someone at Least 10 Years Your Senior.

Are you in a committed relationship with an older man or woman and you’re thinking of getting married? If so, congratulations! With that being said, we’re sure you’ve probably experienced your fair share of stares when out on a date and maybe even a few rude comments from friends and family. Don’t let the judgements of others disenchant you. What these people don’t realize is, getting married to someone who is at least 10 years older than you comes with many perks, and you’ll be reaping all of these wonderful benefits. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City love to marry couples with varying age gaps because they enjoy seeing their clients happy.

We bet you’re interested in some of the advantages of exchanging nuptials with an older partner, which is why we compiled this list:

  • Forget ever feeling old – Seeking out marriage services in OKC to an older partner is awesome because you’ll always be seen as the “young one” in your group of friends. Women who marry older men especially adore this little tidbit of joy.Meeting exes poses no threat on your jealousy meter – Picture this, you and your older spouse run into his or her past high school flame. In relationships where partners are of equal age, this might cause some jealousy. However, you could care less because the “old flame” is much older than you. Get with your Oklahoma City wedding planner and see about sending a wedding invitation to your mate’s ex, it’ll be fun
  • Older men and women tend to be financially stable – We aren’t implying that you are searching for a sugar daddy/mommy, but let’s face it folks, marrying an older individual means financial stability. Unlike young couples, you probably don’t have to worry about scraping together money for the electric bill. You’ll also get to have a fabulous wedding officiant in Oklahoma City perform your ceremony as you’ll have the funds to do so.
  • Skip the mother/father comparison phase – Any wedding minister in OKC will agree that when younger couples get married, they tend to compare each other to their parents. This is because younger couples haven’t been on their own for very long so the way mom or dad did things is still quite fresh in the mind. Your older significant other has been on his or her own for a long time. They no longer care how mom did things and they won’t compare how you manage life or a household to her.
  • Everything you do for your older spouse will be met with much appreciation – Your older spouse was probably single for a while before meeting you. This means he or she did everything themselves, from the housework to fixing small appliances. Now that you’re in the picture and are providing a helping hand, your actions will be praised as if you were some sort of Greek god or goddess. Start this trend before saying your vows and take the initiative to plan wedding services in OKC all on your own. Your partner will be forever grateful.

You see? There is nothing but good times to be had when you choose to marry someone that is considerably older than yourself. Wedding ministers in OKC perform marriages between couples of all ages and never discriminate. Whether you’re looking for Oklahoma City gay wedding planning or a traditional heterosexual service, your needs will be met, no matter the difference in age between you and your partner.

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