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Marijuana and Your Oklahoma City Wedding

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your marriage service in OKC celebrated with the sweet herb of the cannabis plant? Perhaps you and your mate are regular partakers of nature’s finest green, leafy delights and you want to incorporate a little smoke during your Oklahoma City gay marriage or heterosexual marriage service. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City would love to accommodate your needs by allowing you and your guests the freedom to pass the pipe during your marriage service in OKC.

There are many reasons that a couple might decide to get married with marijuana in the mix. One of these reasons could be that a partner is battling a war with cancer. It would be an honor for an OKC marriage officiant to join two souls together while making sure the cancer sufferer is calm and comfortable on their Oklahoma City wedding day. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma want nothing more than to make your wedding day as special and magical as it can be.

Have you ever been to a wedding that is dull, drab, and boring? Of course you have! Marriage officiants in OKC want to help you set the bar “high” by facilitating a way for you and your guests to smoke marijuana during your exchange of vows, and to do so peacefully. Imagine the atmosphere at your Oklahoma gay or straight wedding. Your guests and the entire wedding party will be excited, yet calm. Marijuana is known to relieve stress and provide a calming effect to the nervous system. You can toss any wedding day jitters out the door when you puff, puff, and pass the peace pipe.

Some folks have small dishes of candy, champagne, and other party favors available at their wedding service in OKC. Why not lift the boredom factor and provide marijuana wedding favors? There are so many possibilities! Consider baking up a batch of pot brownies for guests to munch on while the wedding minister in Oklahoma City speaks. You can also whip up marijuana edibles such as candies and chocolates. Your Oklahoma City wedding planner can help give you some ideas.

Most wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are extremely open-minded and will not have any qualms with you or your guests smoking or eating marijuana products during your marriage service in OKC. In fact, the wedding minister in OKC will probably partake in the forbidden fruit along with you, if invited to do so.

Keep in mind, the fun doesn’t have to stop after the wedding minister in OKC has finished with the ceremony. You and your OKC wedding guests can continue blazing up at your Oklahoma City Wedding reception. Consider incorporating some of the Mary Jane into the foods that are served. Not only can you have a bud-filled cake baked, but substitute the oregano in a wedding day pasta dish with Oklahoma City’s finest purple haze.

No matter what type of marijuana-themed wedding you choose to have, wedding officiants in OKC will do all that they can to accommodate you. You never know, maybe Tommy Chong will make a special guest appearance.

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