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Glitzy, Glamorous, and GIGANTIC Gypsy Weddings

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American gypsies are amazing people who are wrapped in rich culture and traditions. Gypsies enjoy having parties and typically celebrate just about any life occasion there is. From baptisms to baby showers, gypsy parties are always huge and over-the-top. Weddings are by far the biggest gypsy celebration. Not only are guests in attendance to honor the bride and groom, but they are also looking for potential mates themselves. Gypsy weddings are notoriously known for being dating grounds for singles. It is very important to the bride of a gypsy family that her wedding be spectacular and better than any other gypsy wedding.

Wedding officiants in OKC are more than capable of officiating a traditional gypsy wedding. The ministers fully understand how important this very special day is to the gypsy family, especially the bride. A lot rests on the bride’s shoulders in terms of a traditional gypsy wedding. If anything goes wrong during the ceremony or reception, the bride and her family are shamed. Wedding Ministers in OKC will see to it that this does not happen.

One of the most important aspects of any gypsy wedding is the bridal gown. The gown must be absolutely gigantic, embellished with bling, and bee bigger and bolder than the last gypsy bridal gown. Marriage officiants in Oklahoma will help brides find the best gypsy bridal gown makers in the state, to ensure that the bride-to-be gets exactly what she asks for. When it comes to a gypsy wedding dress, average simply will not suffice.gypsy-wedding-okc-wedding-officiant

Next on the agenda are the wedding day decorations. Just like the gown, the decorations need to be stunning, both at the church and the reception venue. Gypsy brides tend to love rhinestones, crystals, and anything sparkly. Brightly colored floral arrangements are a must. Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City can lead the bride to the best party planners, florists, and decorators in the world.

Just like any wedding, food is extremely important. What a gypsy bride puts on her reception menu means everything. Appetizers, entrees, desserts, and cocktails are very important. However, the cake is the shining star. Gypsies not only nosh on the flavorful wedding cake, they smash it into each other’s faces. This is a long-practiced gypsy tradition. In many cases, the wedding minister in OKC will not escape without getting pelted with a piece of gypsy wedding cake.

The ceremony performed at a gypsy wedding is usually very traditional. Most gypsies are Catholic and follow strict guidelines and principles in terms of what is said during the service. Typically, gypsies do not write their own vows so the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the marriage officiant in Oklahoma City. Sometimes, the bride will detail to the minister a brief outline of what she would like said at her wedding, but the groom rarely weighs in on this. In any case, the wedding officiant in OKC will prepare something beautiful that will join the two gypsy souls together in perfect matrimony. The rest is history.

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