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Daddy Says, “Y’all Gotta Get Hitched”: Saga of a Shotgun Wedding

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If your father’s name is Eugene and your mother’s name is Clementine, and you’re originally from the Hills of West Virginia, you probably know all about shotgun weddings. These types of arranged weddings have been part of many societies, not just hillbilly Americans, for centuries. There is nothing wrong with a shotgun wedding in today’s society, providing that the couple truly doesn’t mind getting married.

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Wedding officiants in OKC will happily help you commemorate and plan your arranged marriage. Sitting down and chatting with your father about the details of the marriage isn’t anything a resident of Oklahoma hasn’t done before. There are plenty of backwoods folks in Oklahoma City. The area isn’t called the “Big Friendly” for no good reason, which is why some families believe in shotgun weddings as they want everyone to get along and “git hitched.”

Some shotgun weddings are orchestrated because a son has knocked up someone’s daughter. Some of the rednecks of the area feel that this type of tomfoolery can only be rectified by a wedding. Marriage officiants in OKC don’t see any problems with this type of union, as long as the couple is in agreeance. This isn’t the 1800s and we can’t allow a parent to actually follow his son or daughter down the aisle with a loaded shotgun looking at him or her menacingly as he does.

dc7e27e57d87bf7b95e5b28cf9044fa0_LYVjolozppxXU8qepi71cyTpnDKH6gWhat wedding officiants in Oklahoma City can do is help facilitate an arranged marriage that both parties agree to. Shotgun weddings aren’t all bad. In fact, there are numerous benefits to getting married under this type of circumstance such as:

  • You don’t have to bother with dating. All the work has already been done for you.
  • Your parents know you better than anyone else, so they’ll most likely be able to choose a great mate for you.
  • If you already have a partner, but have fallen pregnant, a shotgun wedding might be just what you need. You don’t want to walk through life living in sin with a bastard child now do you?
  • We’re totally kidding about that last bullet point.
  • If you’re having a shotgun wedding, chances are the entire event is completely paid for. After all, how can you be expected to pay for a wedding that’s been kinda sorta forced upon you?
  • Hopefully, your dad will give you some of the dowry money he received for you from the rednecks across the moonshine distillery.
  • You’ll most definitely know your future husband or wife well, as he or she is probably your cousin.
  • If you happily go along with the shotgun wedding plans, you’ll be the apple of your pappy’s eye for all eternity.

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma are standing by and looking forward to helping you and your beloved, or not so beloved shotgun_wedding-620x413fiancée in tying the knot at your shotgun wedding. As a reminder, if you’re not looking forward to your shotgun wedding, make sure there is lots of beer at your reception as it helps numb your soul crushing sadness. Just kidding! How can you not be happy about your wedding day? Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City agree that the rest of your life will be amazing.

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