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A Tale of Two Furries

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You may or may not of heard of what is known as a “furry.” A furry is an individual who enjoys dressing up in various animal costumes such as dogs, cats, bears, lions, and any other creature that is, well, furry! This can be a fun hobby for some or a full-blown lifestyle choice. In any case, furries enjoy falling in love and getting married just like their skin-wearing counterparts.

Is there a wedding officiant in OKC that would be willing to unite lovers of the fur together in holy matrimony? Yes! Many wedding ministers in Oklahoma City would be honored to help a loving couple pledge their passion for each other, while clad in furry garb. As a matter of fact, some marriage officiants in OKC may even join in on the fun and dress as a furry themselves.

Picture you and your soon-to-be husband or wife fully dressed in your best furry costume. Your entire wedding party follows suit. Even the flower girl and ring bearer are wearing cute little fur baby outfits. How would you feel if your wildest furry dreams came true in such a way? You would definitely have a wedding to remember.

Take your furry wedding a step “furr-ther” and invite friends and family to support your decision to become furr-mates by coming to your event dressed as their favorite hairy animal. Imagine the wacky pictures to be taken on your special day. The mother-of-the-bride could wear a charming kitty cat costume, and your future brother-in-law could be clad in a mighty lion’s mane. Not only will your wedding be unique, but it will also extremely fun.jakejynx_pig_furry_by_homeofbluandshadows-d5zu2dh

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City take great pride in giving their clients the wedding experience of a life time. You might feel apprehensive about giving the details about your furry wedding plans to a respective minister, because you do not want to experience the sting of judgment. Wedding officiants in OKC completely understand your fears and vow to never belittle you or your lifestyle choices. If you wish to walk down the aisle dressed as a soft little lamb or a ferocious tiger, that’s your business. Our job is to make it all come together for you and your fiancée.

The fun doesn’t stop after the ceremony. Treat yourselves and your furry friends to a fuzzy reception party and dance the night away in full costume. If you need help to cultivate this part of your special day, Oklahoma wedding officiants provide both gay and straight wedding planning services.

Your wedding day is the one day that you get to be selfish and think only about your own wants and desires. We encourage you and your partner to slip into the furry costumes of your choice, pin on a corsage, and get ready to say “I do” with the help of your fabulous neighborhood Wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. The day is bound to be filled with warm, fuzzy hugs, romantic wedding vows, and a mirage of terrific memories.

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