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Going Green: An Environmentally-Safe Wedding Trend

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Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiant and Justice of the Peace in OKCPlanning, hosting, ordering food, tents, and other equipment is all part of the deal when it comes to throwing together one of the most magical days of your life: your wedding. It’s true that this is the only day that you are free to spoil yourself, and you have things go exactly as you want them to. However, what type of carbon footprint are your wedding plans leaving on the environment?

If you’re aware of the negative impacts that different materials, toxic substances, and pollutants associated with weddings have on the earth, you’re not alone. Marriage officiants in OKC are just as concerned as you are, and they’re interested in treating Mother Earth right by helping you plan green wedding services in OKC.

You may have heard of the growing trend of couples opting to host an environmentally-safe wedding, but you’re unsure of the practice. After all, you aren’t a hippie, and you don’t want your ceremony to consist of your bridesmaids prancing around in bare feet. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City get it. Keep in mind that there is so much more to having a green wedding than putting flowers in your hair.

Some “Going Green” wedding ideas include:

  • Holding your wedding ceremony outdoors instead of inside a building. This saves on energy. Consider tying the knot in a field of wildflowers or at your favorite nature center.
  • Speaking of flowers, instead of going the traditional florist route, have your flower girl and bridesmaids gather wildflowers from around the area. Use a piece of burlap string to tie bouquets together.
  • Create wedding invitations yourself by using recycled paper and organic ink made from fruit and vegetable pectin.
  • Use wildflowers and Mason jar vases for table centerpieces. This is a very green and economical solution. You can probably find the Mason jars in your mom or grandma’s basement.
  • If you’re in an area where old tree logs are available, have a woodworker friend design seats for your guests out of them. Nothing beats watching a happy couple exchange vows while seated on a handcrafted pine bench.
  • Say “no” to electricity and “yes” to candle light. During the reception, illuminate guests’ tables with soy-based candles. This option is green and very romantic.

Even the threads you and your wedding party wear can be sewn together using green materials. Consider hiring a seamstress to use discarded fabric to make your wedding dress. Your dress will end up being up-cycled into something amazing, not to mention green and economical. We are willing to bet that your wedding minister in OKC will don an environmental-friendly ensemble just for you.

Going green doesn’t mean a weird, freaky, or drab wedding day. In fact, your guests will probably love the simplicity of it all. What could be more romantic than getting married under a canopy of trees, soft breezes caressing your shoulders, and the sounds of chirping lovebirds in the distance? Nothing.

Hosting an earth-friendly wedding with a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Take the plunge, and say “I do” the green way.

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