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Hunka, Hunka, Burnin’ Love Oklahoma City Wedding

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“Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention, Elvis has entered the building!” Can you imagine the fun you would have at your Graceland-themed wedding with that sort of an introduction? Stop imagining and get to doing! Elvis lovers in OKC are in for quite a treat because there are plenty of marriage officiants in Oklahoma City who are down with peanut butter and nanner sandwiches, side burns, and rhinestone embellished jumpsuits. Are you ready to start planning your Elvis-inspired marriage service in OKC? Great, because wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are already putting on their silk scarves in preparation of your big day.

When you think of an Elvis-themed wedding you probably picture some fly-by-night chapel in Las Vegas. Wedding officiants in OKC will definitely make your day much more memorable and meaningful. Instead of having only 20 minutes to plan your ceremony, you’ll get as much time as you need. The first step is to decide what kind of Elvis you want at your wedding. Take a look at what we mean:

  • Late 60’s – early 70’s Elvis
  • 1950’s Elvis

Also consider:

  • Do you wish to dress like Elvis?
  • Do you want to have an Elvis impersonator at your wedding?
  • Will your wife be dressed as Pricilla?
  • Will your mom be dressed as Gladys?
  • If you are having an Oklahoma City gay marriage service will you both be dressed as Elvis or Pricilla?

The great thing about Elvis-themed weddings is that they can be planned any way you want them to be. Wedding services in OKC provide you with an unlimited outlet of options. Some other ideas include:

  • Walking down the aisle as “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” with you plays
  • Teasing your hair into Pricilla’s signature beehive
  • Wearing a white jumpsuit complete with cape, platforms, and jewels
  • Tossing a silk scarf to your guests as you exit the building
  • Serving Elvis’s favorite dishes at the reception
  • Playing Elvis music and/or movies during the reception

If you really want to go all out, ask your wedding minister in OKC to find you a little white chapel to hold your OKC marriage service at. Decorate the building in a vintage rock ’n’ roll theme to create a nostalgic atmosphere for your guests. Choose tuxedos and gowns for your bridesmaids and groomsmen that mimic those worn by the Presley’s bridal party. The both of you can be extra bold and daring and dye your hair jet black, just like Elvis and Pricilla.

Oklahoma gay wedding planning services can help you and your same-sex partner throw a wild Elvis-themed event. This theme isn’t exclusive to heterosexual couples. Wouldn’t it be great to see two Elvis’s tie the knot? Marriage officiants in Oklahoma think so!

So, grab your microphone, curl your lips, and start gyrating your hips because your Oklahoma City wedding is going to be incredible. Your guests will be saying, “Thank you, thank you very much” for inviting them to such a unique OKC wedding experience.

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