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Did I Just Marry My Sperm Donor?

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You decided you wanted to have a baby. You aren’t in a committed relationship, and you’re getting older. The only thing you could think to do was find a sperm donor to help you create a little life to call your own, and that’s just what you did.

Instead of going through an anonymous donor agency, you decided to utilize the services of a sperm donor that you got to meet in person. After talking on the phone and spending some time together, you and your donor decided on a day that meshed up well with your cycle to try and get pregnant via artificial insemination.

After your donor delivers his sperm sample to you, you immediately rush to your bedroom to insert it into your vagina. Then, the waiting game begins. After about a month, you take a test and sadly, the results are negative. You tell your donor and make arrangements to give insemination another try. Only this time, things will go a bit differently.

Your sperm donor tells you that he is willing to inseminate you naturally, as this method produces a higher rate of achieving pregnancy. At first, you feel awkward about his proposal, but you gladly oblige as you truly desire a child. You’re not quite sure what’s happening, but you feel a soft spot in your heart for your donor. He is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help you get pregnant.justice of the peace

The day has come, and it’s time to make a baby. You and your donor spend a few hours wining and dining one another before heading to the bedroom. After a bit of foreplay, the conditions are ripe for rapid penetration. After your donor reaches climax and makes his deposit into your womb, he graciously makes sure you reach orgasm, too. Having an orgasm encourages sperm to be pulled into the cervix.

After the deed is done, you both lay there realizing that you feel something more for one another than just the average donor/client relationship. Neither one of you says anything about your feelings at this point.

Another month passes and you finally get a positive pregnancy test. You call your donor to tell him the good news. You feel a wave of passion rush over you when you hear his voice. Later that evening, you hear your doorbell ring. It’s your donor. You let him in, and you both stare into each other’s eyes for what seems like an eternity. Finally, you both confess the feelings that you have been feeling for one another.

Your donor grabs your hand and says that he is in love with you and wants to be the father of your baby. Then, he gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to you. Naturally, you say, “Yes!”

You contact Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City to unite the two of you together in holy matrimony. As you tell John Keefe II your love story, he smiles and tells you that he too, is a sperm donor. Everyone is delighted at this discovery.

After the wedding, officiated by a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, the pair of you goes on to lead a healthy, happy, marriage with your new baby. Sometimes you still ask yourself, “Did I marry my sperm donor?” You always smile when this thought crosses your mind because you cannot believe how lucky you are.

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