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Someone Call Iggy Azalea. We’re Having a Fancy Wedding!

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Sure you’ve heard of glitzy and glamorous weddings. Lots of great food, frilly dresses, expensive champagne, and a venue to die for. But, have you been to a truly fancy wedding? We’re talking about a wedding that Miss Iggy Azalea would be impressed with. You want a wedding so posh that the song “Fancy” would be playing, as you walk down the aisle. If you’re getting married and you love being in the limelight, then you need to consider a fancy, fabulous, and fearless wedding.

The first order of business for planning your fancy wedding is to reach out to your local wedding officiant in OKC. Someone like Dr. John Patrick Keefe II would be the perfect minister for your high-class wedding ceremony. Not only will John Keefe II and his staff help make your no-holds-barred wedding a success, but he will also see to it that your wedding is the glitziest event this side of the Mississippi. You want the type of wedding that makes celebrities jealous.

When it comes to weddings, no two are alike. The level of fancy you decide to go with is completely up to you. However, the more bling, the better. For example, your dress should be covered with lace, Swarovski crystals, and have a train that is ridiculously long. The same goes for the veil and shoes. Everything you, your groom, and the bridal party wear should be over-the-top.Wedding Minister in Oklahoma City

Choosing the venue for a fancy wedding should be someplace amazing. The ceremony should be held in a gorgeous cathedral or church. The pews should be draped in sashes and adorned with floral sprays. Consider holding the reception at a large banquet hall. The decorations should be eye-catching. Think of draping lights everywhere, gold tablecloths, and sparkly centerpieces.

Wedding Ministers in Oklahoma City

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City such as John Patrick Keefe II will be more than happy to dress to the nines on your wedding day. Imagine being married by a man wearing a snow-white suit, silk tie, and shiny patent leather shoes. Taking your vows will be an amazing experience under these circumstances. When wedding officiant John Keefe tells your groom to slide your ring on your finger, you’ll feel like a fancy, fabulous, princess bride.

Speaking of fingers, your nails need to be immaculate on your fancy wedding day. Make sure to have them painted in a French manicure with lots of sparkles or a bold solid polish. Your hair and makeup should be modeled after your favorite celebrity or perhaps a queen of an exotic foreign land. Don’t forget, your groom needs to look his best as well in a formal tuxedo and shiny shoes.

museum weddingRemember, your guests must be treated like VIPs when attending your wedding. Send them home with praiseworthy gift bags or baskets, serve them fine foods, and don’t forget to have a cocktail hour. The music you have at your wedding should be entertaining, amazing, and memorable. That means the band or DJ you choose knows how to keep a crowd happy, dancing, and smiling while playing the world’s top hits.

Honey, get your dancing shoes on, your hair done, and grab your groom for the fanciest wedding Oklahoma City has ever seen.

“I naturally want to be provocative.” – Iggy Azalea

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