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The Lingerie That Every Girl Needs to Pack for Her Honeymoon

By May 12, 2016 No Comments

You did it! You’re finally married to the man of your dreams. Congratulations! Dr. John Patrick Keefe, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, loves to see happy couples tie the knot and head off into the sunset on a romantic honeymoon. You are probably heading to your honeymoon any second since you just got married. Have you given any thought to the lingerie you’ll be taking with you?

Check out some of the must-have pieces that every girl ought to put in her suitcase before boarding the plane to honeymoon heaven:

  • Something little, black, see-through, and sexy

You’ve got the white panties, garters, and bra on under your wedding dress, and chances are, he saw that already on your wedding night. Give him a little shock and awe when you don your “bad girl” outfit in a sheer, lacy bra and panty set. You can also opt for a black, slinky baby doll negligee. Girl, you’re gonna make his head spin!

  • Push-Up Bra

Nothing beats a good push-up bra and don’t you forget it! Even if you’re lounging around in your robe or kimono, keep the girls looking perky and attentive with a lacy push-up bra underneath. We guarantee you’ll look and feel sexier than you have ever felt wearing a terrycloth robe. Wait, what are you wearing a terrycloth robe for on your honeymoon? Take that off right now, sister!

  • Soft, Delicate Robe

Packing a silk robe in your overnight bag is ideal. You want to make a grand entrance when you walk out of the bathroom, but you also don’t want to give all of your sexy secrets away right off the bat. Give him a “gift” to unwrap.

  • Something Blue

Keep the wedding tradition alive and well during your honeymoon vacation and pack lingerie that is blue. This could be anything from a bra and panty set to a lace teddy and matching thigh high stockings. Blue is such an eye catching color, and I know your new husband is going to be eating you up like a slice of his favorite cake.

  • White, Innocent, and Frilly

I know you already wore white under your wedding gown, but consider packing something similar on your honeymoon. There’s something about seeing a woman in lacy white underwear that totally turns a man on. Maybe it reminds him of the innocence of his bride, that she is only his to play with now. It isn’t as corny as it sounds.

  • Something Playful

When you’ve turned your seductress button off, keep your sex kitten battery on by donning a playful romper or teddy. This can be something old-fashioned like a pin-up girl outfit (think Betty Page) or a full piece swimsuit. Loaf around the hotel room in this little ensemble and watch his eyes undress you.

  • The Negligee

No honeymoon lingerie spread is complete without a lacy negligee. It doesn’t matter the color or style, just as long as you have one.

Keep this list handy so you know exactly what lingerie to pack for your honeymoon. You’ll be happy that you did and so will your new spouse!