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How to Have a Wonderful Atheist Wedding

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Lifelong Weddings OklahomaWhen you and your partner are atheists, it can be difficult to plan a wedding because almost all ceremonies are centered around some sort of belief system. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in OKC, performs wedding ceremonies for people of all faiths and people who are not associated with any faith at all. In fact, Dr. Keefe is an atheist himself so he completely understands your desire to hold a non-ritualistic wedding.

Here are some ideas you can adopt for your celebration of love ceremony:

Incorporate Your Values into the Ceremony

Think about the values that you share with your spouse-to-be. What of these values are the most important to you? Keep in mind that these details contribute to the success of your ongoing happiness within your marriage. Chances are, your values are very near and dear to your hearts, and can be woven into your ceremony dialogue.

Think About Your Aspirations for Your Marriage

Everyone on this planet is different. You and your partner are very unique and have different ideas for your marriage. How do you envision your union to be rich and fulfilling? When you choose readings for your ceremony, choose ones that reflect your marital aspirations.

Consider Your Intentions for Having a Wedding

Chances are, you want to make your wedding the most outstanding and enjoyable experience for both yourself and your guests. Envision how your ceremony will be and what you and your partner can do to make it a huge success. How do you want everyone to feel? What is the tone that you’d like to have set at your wedding? How will you create the correct ambience? What style will embrace your event? Take some time in advance to reflect on these questions. If you can envision these things, you can make it happen.

Determine How You Will Express Your Declarations of Love

Dr. John Patrick Keefe recommends opening your ceremony with your declarations of love for one another. By doing this, you create a deeper sense of connection between yourselves and your loved ones in attendance. Your declarations of love can be lighthearted, humorous, deep, passionate, etc.

You might want to keep your declaration of love secret from each other until your wedding day. This is a surprise for both you and your guests. Include anecdotes and insights from your times together as they always bring joy and laughter to the ceremony.

Consider Your Vows and Promises to One Another

Lifelong Weddings OklahomaPledging your commitment and love to one another is a more serious part of your ceremony. Your pledges to each other are real and meaningful.

Choose vows that not only reflect upon the future good times you’ll have with one another, but also the tougher times. After you are married and actually experience challenges in your marriage, you and your partner can reflect on the vows that you said during your wedding. Your pledges to each other will surely help you get through any rough waters that happen to flow your way.