“Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Serves as a Dual Transgendered Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City and Lesbian Female Sperm Donor for LGBTQ Couples”

Known to many in the LGBT community, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has long served as a wedding officiant in OKC and a sperm donor. In fact, Dr. John Keefe II has often helped some of his friends in the LGBTQ and straight communities alike get married and then conceive beautiful babies. Dr. John Patrick Keefe has had numerous reasons for doing so, and there have been a plethora of positive results.

Dr. John Keefe II began donating sperm to others as far back as 2008 or 2009 while in China. Upon his return to the United States with his wife and eldest daughter, Isabella Wang Qiao Keefe, in 2009, John Keefe II began helping others conceive in the USA around the fall of 2011 have babies. As of July of 2016, there are now almost 50 babies throughout the united states, including his own.

Most of these children have two mommies or a mommy and a daddy, though some of the girls Dr. John Keefe II has helped to have babies have been single. Dr. John Keefe also co-parents with several of the mommies of some of the kids, though he notes that he does not have the time nor resources to do that with everyone. Of course, most of the people he helps do not need this anyway, so that is also good. It is important to Dr. John Patrick Keefe II to be able to perform his parenting duties to the best of his ability, and he could not do that if he co-parented every child.

As for why John Patrick Keefe II helps other to conceive . . .? He stated, “I just love to help others complete the families they have always wanted and to see them smile. I never charge money, nor do I ever require sex.” John Patrick Keefe II only does it for altruistic reasons, though he notes that he also loves to be around the other feminine female energy and also kind of likes the attention he receives from others.

Some of the couples Dr. John Patrick Keefe has helped to have babies have also been ones for whom he has performed wedding ceremonies. Andi Beair an Jessica Beair got pregnant by Dr. John Keefe II in December of 2015, and then he helped wed them in Wagoner, Oklahoma in June of 2016. It was especially nice for him to serve as their wedding officiant in Oklahoma and also help them have kids, as it served to help them out with some really major things in their lives!

Since beginning his transition from a male to a woman in July of 2016, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II now has even stronger ties with the LGBTQ community. Dr. John Keefe II is no longer just an LGBTQ ally or gender queer; he lives his loving life as a beautiful transgendered female. One of the greatest parts of his transition was how accepting and loving that the vast majority of his friends and family, most of whom were people that Dr. John Patrick Keefe II helped to have babies and/or performed their wedding ceremonies, were!

Dr. John Keefe II’s friends supported him and gave him fashion advice, piercing advice, and much more. It was so incredibly wonderful! As a transgendered lesbian female, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II now has special insight into the struggles faced by the predominantly lesbian females he has often helped to conceive and for whom he has performed wedding ceremonies! In helping others, John Keefe II found an extra base of love and support when finding out that the life he had lived for so many years simply was not who he truly was . . . as he is really a she!

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II initially faced many frantic phone calls, text messages and emails from many of his female lesbian friends when he first told this to the world, however. Many of them were worried that the loving friend and ally they had always known would no longer be able to help them have more kids. Some were also worried that they were losing the “Sweet John” they had always loved and known. However, Dr. John Keefe II kindly reassured them that this simply was not the case, noting that he would still be an incredible person inside and outside as virtually the only really known lesbian sperm donor around.

Dr. Keefe also noted that she was only taking natural herbal supplement and was using special creams, but that she had no immediate plans for a surgery or for the prescription hormones. Thus, John Patrick Keefe II’s sperm count should mostly be okay, and his unnecessary “traditional male” parts will remain intact . . . at least for now. This is because he loves and cares about his family and friends and wants to help them still have more babies in the future. Eventually though, John Keefe of Oklahoma stated that he does want to make these additional changes.

As a wedding officiant in OKC and a transgendered lesbian sperm donor, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has no intention of not helping others celebrate big events in their lives though weddings and conception anytime soon. He loves his family and friends very much, especially keeping the ones who have been supporting him extra close during this crucial time. John Keefe II has chosen the name Tinsley as his first name as a female, though he has not chosen his new middle name yet. One day he hopes to go ahead and get his name and gender changed through the courts as well.

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