Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Shares Tips on Giving the Perfect Best Man Speech

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Wedding

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Wedding Dude! You have been chosen as the best man. Congrats! Being your broski’s best man is quite an honor and should be treated as such. Did you know that best men give speeches at their buddy’s wedding? Didn’t you know this? Well, sir, you have come to the right place as Dr. John Keefe of Oklahoma City has prepared a handy-dandy list of tips for planning your speech of bro love.

  • Get personal – Weddings are a perfect time to offer into those ardent feels you have some place, profound inside. Let it all out.
  • No flatulence jokes – John Patrick Keefe says that it is highly inappropriate to share the story of the time when the groom crapped his pants in gym class. Keep the fart jokes to yourself.
  • Plan ahead – You do not need to appear with a consummately altered discourse, however, a couple of weeks before the wedding is a decent time to take a seat and consider what you need to say. (Besides you then have a lot of time to rehearse.)
  • Don’t be too long-winded – Nobody needs to listen to ten minutes of recollections that he or she had influence in, computer game references, or inside jokes. Two to five minutes is awesome, particularly on the off chance that you skew shorter.
  • Be grateful – Communicating appreciation toward the couple, their family, and any individual who made the wedding happen is dependably an extraordinary focuses champ.
  • Knock it off with the quotes – Without a doubt, in the event that you both adore the same motion picture, you will both get it and chuckle uproariously, however truly nobody else will.
  • Tell a story – It does not need to be long or even idyllic, and it does not need to be clever, however, this is the time in the wedding where individuals are prepared to tuck in and listen to something. Discuss playing football or Nintendo together as children, discuss hanging out at a bar together in school. At that point, for extra focuses, parlay that story into a comparable anecdote about the couple that strengthens why they are an awesome fit. Dr. John Patrick Keefe says storytelling at a wedding is always fun and gets the crowd laughing.
  • Do not ignore the bride – In case you are assuming the part of best man, I believe it is protected to expect you have collaborated with the accomplice of your companion more than a modest bunch of times—so why might you neglect to specify this individual at any rate once? It can be a fun tale about how both of you did not care for each other at all when you met and now do, or something sweet about how incredible the couple is as one. Gone ahead. You can do it.
  • Compliment the parents and be truthful about it – Give a shout out to the groom’s parents, especially if you have some fond childhood memories to share.
  • Don’t make the speech about yourself – Indeed, the connection is great, however, keep it brief. John Keefe of OKC cannot stress this enough! The discourse is not about you, and it is not even pretty much your companion—in a perfect world, it is about the couple getting hitched.

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