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“What do Transgender Brides and Grooms Learn During Wedding Prep?” Dr. Tinsley Keefe Discusses

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What do Transgender Brides and Grooms Learn During Wedding Prep?

It is no secret that wedding preparation is one of the most tiring and exhausting processes, especially if you do not have a wedding officiant. Working as a wedding officiant for Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe recognizes the importance of her job. Though some try on their own at first, the answer is always clear in the end: help is necessary. Something that is also realized during the pre-wedding officiant journey is that most of the responsibility (usually) falls to the bride.

Provided that it is not two grooms or two brides, the sexism of wedding preparation is both shocking and irritating. This is especially apparentfor transgender brides and grooms. Whether you are M2F or F2M, the shock is always fresh and startling. People think it is the norm for the brides to handle the venues, the organizing, and especially the shopping. This is why Dr. Tinsley Keefe stresses the significance of hiring a wedding officiant. Learning from her experience as a wedding officiant in OKC, Tinsley Keefe also notes that transgender brides and grooms face many other learning moments throughout their wedding preparation.

If youhave recently come out as transgender, then the pre-wedding planning can be a pleasure. For M2F transgenders, the fun lies in exploring the fashionable world of wedding, rehearsal, and reception dresses. For F2M transgenders, there is excitement in finding the perfect wedding gift for your life partner. Pulling from her history as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe wants transgender grooms and brides to know that learning during wedding-prep can be a positive experience too.

Sometimes the surprise is finding the unexpected levels of support for transgender brides and grooms. Dr. Tinsley Keefe has seen the happiness during her time as wedding officiant in Oklahoma, and loves to pass on the aura of encouragement. You might be floored at how many family members and friends want to make you smile and laugh, rather than cringe infear. Some people might not be accepting, but with a loving support group you might not even notice.

The best part is that the learning does not have to pertain to transgender related topics. There is no reason to fear being scrutinized – especially during your wedding. Tinsley Keefe notes, thinking back on wedding ceremonies she has experienced in her time with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, that you and your significant other will learn the most as a couple. By learning together, you will be able to grow together.

Everyone knows growing only strengthens your relationship as a whole. Do not be afraid of learning; especially during your wedding preparation. Sometimes the new knowledge can be sexist and alarming, but other times it can be exciting and happy. The best way to learn is to relax a little bit – with the help of a wedding officiant like Tinsley Keefe – and the love of your life partner.

What do Transgender Brides and Grooms Learn During Wedding Prep?

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