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Is Contraception Necessary? Tinsley Keefe Confers

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Is Contraception Necessary? Tinsley Keefe Confers

Contraception comes in many forms – from condoms and pills to IUDs and shots. In fact, they have even experimented with the male version of birth control. However, this does leave many people contemplating the obvious: is contraception really necessary?

Oklahoma City wedding officiant, Tinsley Keefe, shuts down the confusion right off the bat. She explains that in most situations, contraception is necessary. While there is nothing wrong with having a baby at a younger age, it starts to get complicated when you are having that baby during your education and without a solid financial standing.

Is Contraception Necessary? Tinsley Keefe ConfersThe first thing many women – and even men – will turn to is the possibility of getting an abortion. It might be the pregnant woman’s choice, but that does not change the cost of an abortion . . . something the pregnant woman will not have a choice in. Abortions can get extremely expensive; especially if they are used as a contraception alternative.

Which leads us back to the beginning . . . Some women avoid birth control. Maybe they struggle with resources on getting things like an IUD or even the pills, but there are no excuses when it comes to condoms. Sure they do not feel the greatest at times, but they are almost always offered for free at local health departments.

On the other hand, Tinsley also finds herself stressing to her Oklahoma wedding officiant clients that if they are planning on a family, the best way to start the intimate process is making passionate, raw sex on their wedding night. This can create the best memories and the best sexual experience. It is a win/win. Honestly, contraceptive devices will be no use to you if you are trying to start a family. You better enjoy the amazing feeling of being completely free, even if it is for a small amount of time.

On a parallel focus point, there is still a stigma behind contraception that was born on religious terms. According to several different organizations, contraception is a “sin” of sorts. Their reasoning is usually something like “God gave you the ability to reproduce (after marriage) for a reason”. In their perfect world, a couple will not have sex until after they get married and then they will start a family together.

Unfortunately, being a wedding officiant in OKC has its downfalls. You hear a lot of things. Tinsley Keefe has heard her fair share of religion horror stories, including several about premarital sex and Satan’s contraception devices. She cannot help but roll her eyes, and always urges her clients to roll their eyes too. It is not worth the trouble of arguing – instead, you are better shrugging the crazy off and moving forward.

The best way to laugh in their face (metaphorically speaking) is by engaging in unprotected sex the night before your wedding. You will beat their beliefs by a day. What will they do then? Tinsley will tell you what they will do: absolutely nothing.

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