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Planning a wedding is no small task, especially as you attend to all the large and small details. Flowers are part of the package. Getting married in Oklahoma City can be much easier if you choose native varieties that grow here naturally.

Oklahoma’s native plants are wonderful accents to an outdoor wedding. You can also incorporate them in your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, or as boutonnieres for the gentlemen. Whether you grow native flowers in your backyard garden or have a local florist create that perfect color scheme, these blooms will brighten up your walk down the aisle.

Indian Blanket


Oklahoma’s official state wildflower, Indian blanket, highlights the autumn colors.  This perennial bloom grows in various shades of red in the middle, with yellow at the tips of each petal. Other varieties of this flower include burgundy or celebration (scarlet red-rust), and fanfare (pinwheel variations of scarlet with yellow tips). With so many shades and patterns from which to choose, the blanket flower will have you covered!

Butterfly Weed



These aren’t actual weeds, but stunning clusters of tiny flowers. They grow in shades of red, yellow and orange — perfect for an October wedding! Although they bloom in summer to early fall, your local florist may have a greenhouse selection for other seasons of the year. Dress up your wedding reception tables with these colorful blooms as centerpieces.




These blooms are bright yellow or cream-colored. Some have dark-red hues spreading down the petals, but you can also find varieties in bright orange and hot pink to go with every color scheme at your wedding. Coreopsis cultivars include ruby mist, rum punch, cranberry ice, pineapple pie, and little penny. Vivid pink colors (such as strawberry punch) and red hues (like garnet) add spice to winter and holiday weddings.




In bright or pastel clusters with rounded star-shaped petals, phlox is a delicate perennial herb to add hints of color to your bridal bouquet.  The flowers are about 1 inch long. Choose wild blue, blue woodland, sweet William, or Louisiana. Phlox is often found growing among woods, forests, and fields, attracting butterflies with its fragrance. What a perfect pastoral setting for your springtime outdoor wedding! Some varieties of tall garden phlox begin blooming in late summer and last six weeks or more; ready to show off for your guests in July or August.

Wine Cup

Also called prairie wildflowers, buffalo rose or purple poppy mallow, wine cup flowers have goblet-shaped blooms. You’ll find them in pink, reddish-purple, magenta, and maroon. Wine cups open in the morning and close in the evening and look lovely on trellises and as draped decoration over a wedding arch. The vividly colored hues can brighten up wedding pictures.


Whatever the color scheme for your Oklahoma City wedding, you’ll find stunning native flowers for all seasons. Consult your local florist to see what’s available and which of these natives go with your color scheme. A huge bonus of going native? The flowers should be more readily available, easier to maintain, and a lot less expensive than imported varieties.

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