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If you are one of those people who run away from bachelorette parties, discos, strippers and party until the wee hours of the morning; if you prefer a quiet and relaxed celebration with your friends for a wedding, you are in the right place today. We bring you 5 tips to celebrate an ideal bridal party and have a blast with your friends before your big day.

1. Invite the most important friends

Your Bridal Party is to enjoy your closest circle, it is a celebration reserved for you and your friends. Invite only the most important people and don’t turn it into a party with lots of guests. The essence of this day is to share and live to the fullest with your friendship and that bond that unites you. The most common in the United States is the Bridal Party as a meeting dedicated solely to the bride and her bridesmaids.

2. The choice of place is important

Our advice is to choose a small and cozy place that is out of the ordinary and original. Not every day you get to arrange a celebration like this. You must take it seriously. Surrounding yourself with an environment full of small details. An original decoration will make your Bridal Party a unique and special evening for you and your friends. A quiet place to enjoy your company without interruptions, a garden, a beach, a small hidden cafeteria, a rural house or even a greenhouse are some top-notch options that we recommend.

3. The menu is important

A good option for the meal is to prepare an imperial table where you can sit all together to distribute the food in buffet style with the different varieties of food that everyone can take without overlooking the flavors. You can keep the favorite snacks of the bride. It is also important to consider the time of celebration to choose the snacks for the menu, i.e. a brunch, a snack or a dinner is not the same. Be sure to not put hefty amounts of food – choose foods that can be taken as a bite to make everything more comfortable. Remember that it is a small celebration to have a good time. An extra content, a drink bar or dessert buffet with a cake as a culmination is a very good idea.

4. Do a different activity

In addition to enjoying your company, you can talk about countless things and remember anecdotes (especially about the bride), appreciate a good meal and take pictures. We propose you to prepare a fun game or crafts to do all together at a given moment of the evening. Arranging fun games, team questions and even crafts such as putting labels on gifts, finalizing wedding details, putting the stamp on thank you cards, preparing floral arrangements and matching headbands for all are some of the great ideas that we propose. There are many options that you can look into – it all depends on what you like and what you think you will feel most comfortable with.

5. Choose a theme

Focusing your celebration on a theme of decoration or a color palette will guide you with how to plan it. If you plan to make a snack, an English tea-themed bar or a bohemian picnic in a more rural environment are good ideas.

If you like something chicer and elegant, we can suggest a Parisian decoration. If you are looking for a more informal bridal party, a picnic snack on the beach could work. It is best to choose a decoration that reflects the personality of the bride, her favorite colors, flowers, and a theme that identifies her.

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