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Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OklahomaSome folks are naturals in front of the camera while others are not. If you find that you struggle with ease, poise, and relaxed looks during picture taking, you’re not alone. This article will detail 8 key points that’ll help you take amazing photos on your wedding day. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, loves posting pictures of the happy couples he unites in holy matrimony to his Facebook page.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Child

Should you find yourself feeling awkward or nervous during picture taking time, find your inner kid and let him or her shine through your smile. Find something to jump off of, like a picnic table or bench. This tiny bump of adrenaline will make you feel great. You can also do a few spins and twirls to release all of that pent-up anxiety.

Stick to a Timeline

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OklahomaIn order to be ready for wedding pictures, you must plan ahead with your photographer. Once a plan has been put into place, stick with it. You don’t want to stress about running behind schedule because your hair, makeup, and nails are not yet finished. Keeping the lines of communication open between all parties on your big day will definitely help you appear less stressed in your wedding photos.

Try Not to Pre-Wedding Drink

Look, there’s plenty of time to booze it up at your reception. Keep the mimosa’s in the church basement to a minimum. If you’re all liquored up, you can count on your formal wedding pictures to come out looking awkward. Boozy photos are fun during the reception, but not during the wedding.

Utilize Natural Light

When you are getting ready, try to have your hair and makeup done by a window. Natural light helps you look your best. Dim bathroom lights or lights in hotel rims can often make your skin tone look different than what it naturally is, thus prompting you to keep caking the makeup on. This is a non-no for capturing stellar wedding photos.

Buy a Tux Instead of Renting One

Did you know that rented tuxedos and suits often fit horribly? This is because alterations cannot be made as you do not own the outfit. Nothing beats the look of a custom-tailored suit in wedding photos.

Feel Good About Yourself

When you feel emotionally and mentally well, your physical appearance is going to follow suit. Do something nice for yourself before the big day such as getting a massage, going for a pedicure, or indulging in a bit of retail therapy. You want all tension to melt away from your face and body for outstanding wedding pictures.

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OklahomaTake Your Most Precious Photos During Sunset

The light cast by the sunset is glowing, diffused, and very flattering. Ask your photographer if you can have a private session during the sunset hours. You’ll be very happy with the results.

Make Eye Contact with Your Loved Ones

Use your eyes to connect with the people you love, dearly. Embrace your friends and family with your eyes and remember the moment. When it’s time for picture taking, draw upon these memories. The results are more photogenic and natural facial expressions.

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