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Most of us who have attended weddings have been annoyed by people pointing their phones and iPads right in the couple’s face all the while obstructing your and the other guest’s view! So many aspiringly memorable professional wedding photos have been ruined with an untimely phone flash or by someone waving their tablet around. Then…

Planning wedding isn’t an easy task; deciding the date, venue, decor, menu, invites, guests, dresses, speech, and wedding officiant, these are just a few of the things that need to be taken care of. Apart from these tasks, considering the wedding day tradition is also essential. You must have witnessed that wedding ceremonies hold a…

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Having a baby before getting married is considered a taboo in some cultures. However, there are some communities who have started to accept this growing trend. Getting married to have kids is no more a condition, the couple decides when the right time is. Back in days, the couple must get married to have children,…

Byus Wedding Photography in OKC

If you have ever wondered how to choose the very best wedding photographer for your weddings in Oklahoma, then you need look no further. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, LLC has put together some simple strategies to help you choose the perfect wedding photographer to make all of your weddings in Oklahoma perfect. When you combine someone…

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