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Diversity is such a wonderful thing, and Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is proud to be able to have the opportunity to celebrate a gay wedding in Oklahoma.

LGBTQ couples who are of the same gender should have every equal chance to be just as happy – or miserable – as their heterosexual couple counterparts. That is why being able to have a gay wedding in Oklahoma is so important to our society. Our culture should not tolerate bigotry and the exclusion of weddings in OKC for couples who prefer a gay wedding in Oklahoma.

A wedding officiant in OKC who works with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies must be able and willing to perform a gay wedding in Oklahoma. If he or she refuses to do so, then that person cannot do weddings in Oklahoma City with our company. Diversity and tolerance are values that our company strives for, and thus each wedding officiant in Oklahoma City must be sensitive, kind and loving for a gay wedding in Oklahoma.

There are so many other important things to focus on about people, rather than such petty things like his or race, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, age, sexual orientation, nationality, veteran status, ethnic origin, etc. Who has time to discriminate over things like that – especially when deciding whether or not to perform a gay wedding in Oklahoma? Love is love, and a wedding officiant in OKC should focus on the love and not on hatred and bigotry when performing a gay wedding in Oklahoma.

Anyone seeking to have a gay wedding in Oklahoma should definitely contact Dr. John Keefe II at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma. He or she will easily find that a wedding officiant in OKC from our office will gladly help other LGBTQ couples achieve its dreams of a gay wedding in Oklahoma. Hopefully one day no one will refer to marriage between a LGBTQ couple as “gay marriage” or a “gay wedding in Oklahoma” anymore. Instead, a caring wedding officiant in OKC can just call the commitment of love what it really is – marriage.

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