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Wouldn’t it be nice if we women truly were treated like our male counterparts? You might be thinking that women are treated as equals of the male species. After all, it would be illegal to discriminate, right? Indeed, it is illegal to discriminate, but what happens behind closed doors often goes unseen and unheard. Did you know that in 2012, women’s median annual earnings were $37,791, compared with $49,398 for men? That’s outrageous!

If women can go to battle and fight for their country just as men do, then they should make the same amount of money. Imagine if you and your spouse recently exchanged vows with a wedding minister in Oklahoma City. The both of you work for the same employer, doing the same job, the only difference is, your husband gets paid a higher salary. Would this not infuriate you? It could even put a strain on your marriage.95661-004-6AEC6E51

What if you were thinking about becoming a female marriage officiant in OKC, and you found out that people were paying male ministers far more money than female ministers? You’d probably be livid. Quite frankly, you might lose all interest in this career choice, because as a woman you’d feel completely jaded. What makes a male wedding officiant in OKC so much better than a female officiant? Where does this gap in earnings come from?

The truth of the matter is, we females still live in a man’s world and it has got to change. Corporations that are predominantly run by men are getting away with paying their female employees much less than their male staff members. It’s wrong folks. Have you ever wondered why an employer tells you to keep your salary confidential? It’s not because money matters are a private thing, but rather your male coworkers are getting paid more than you. The company doesn’t want any issues to arise because of it.

Imagine your daughters growing up in a world that judges their worth as an employee based on what is between their legs. Wake up ladies! Just because we have vaginas and not a penis with two dangling balls attached, does not warrant us getting shortchanged on payday. We need to pave the way of gender equality for our daughters and granddaughters. If your female child wishes to become a wedding minister in Oklahoma, she better be getting paid the same wage as the men in the business.

The image of Rosie the Riveter comes to mind. When the men were away at war, the women took care of business here on the home front. This means they not only continued to do their “womanly” duties such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children, but the men’s as well. From working in stifling factories to making bombs to send overseas to help our boys win the war, the Rosies of the world did it all. Now, with that being said, we ladies dare a man to tell us we deserve to be paid a lower wage for doing the same job he does.

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