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When you face a rough patch in your marriage, the best way patch things up is to go back to your wedding album and relive those moments. The time when you wore your dazzling white gown, the way you smiled at your soon-to-be husband standing at alter with the wedding officiant Oklahoma City. In order…

You must have heard the famous proverb ‘practice makes perfect’ so why shouldn’t we try to make your big day the perfect day of our life. We all wish that our big day goes according to the plan and nothing goes wrong, but how is it possible if you haven’t prepared yourself for it. Wedding…

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If you are the kind of person who needs someone else to order your food and are also getting married soon, then this blog is for you! Weddings are all about decisions. The first decision to actually get wedded to someone will lead you to hundreds of questions pertaining to how the wedding ceremony should…

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Don’t want to get boxed into choosing what to wear on your wedding day? Then why not revamp your look the way you both want! There is no hard and fast rule of how the couple should get dressed at their wedding. When we picture a traditional bride we, see a lady walking down the…

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Most of us who have attended weddings have been annoyed by people pointing their phones and iPads right in the couple’s face all the while obstructing your and the other guest’s view! So many aspiringly memorable professional wedding photos have been ruined with an untimely phone flash or by someone waving their tablet around. Then…

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