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One of the biggest stresses that married couples face is financial problems. Without appropriate funds coming into the household, families find themselves in a constant survival mode state. Where is the next meal going to come from? How are we going to pay the electric bill? Little Tommy needs new shoes for basketball season. How do we afford it all?

Families where one or both spouses belong to a labor union significantly soothes the financial burden. Before walking down the aisle and standing before a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, you may want to consider gaining employment where a labor union is offered.

Benefits of being married and in a labor union:

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  • Job security – You won’t be unjustly fired for stupid reasons solely because the boss or supervisor doesn’t like you. Labor unions help keep people employed, which results in a steady paycheck consistently coming into the household.
  • Wage raises – Labor unions are always fighting to get members more money. It’s great to take money out of the pockets of corporate giants and put it into your paycheck. More money means a happier, stress-free home life.
  • Vacation and sick days – Unions see to it that employees receive ample time for vacation and sick leave. If you wish to take your family on a trip to Disney World and you have allotted vacation time, so be it. If you’re throwing up and feverish, you can stay home without worrying about losing your job.
  • Health benefits – Some of the nation’s very best health plans come from labor unions putting pressure on employers. Families who are union members regularly reap the benefits of supreme medical, dental, and vision care coverage.
  • Representation – You always have someone who’s got your back when you’re a union member. Should there be an issue between you and your employer, a union rep will come to any meetings or hearings between you and the company on your behalf. Union reps help resolve work-related problems, and they don’t let their members be pushed around by white collar jerks.

If you plan to get married anytime soon, consider using a unionized wedding minister in Oklahoma City. These marital professionals know a thing or two about labor unions, and they can answer some of your questions regarding unionized jobs and marriage. Many wedding officiants in Oklahoma City belong to unions themselves. It’s always best to get advice from those who have firsthand experience.

Labor unions not only protect you as the individual employee, but they also look after your spouse and children. Your family members have peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to you on the job, the union will see to it that you are compensated for your losses. This means that your medical bills are paid, you are paid for lost wages, and your job will still be waiting for you after you recover. Retirement plans and 401ks are also union benefits that you and your spouse can enjoy together from one day. The moral of the story is that labor unions rule.

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