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lifelong wedding ceremonies in okcShoot! Who says you can’t have both? Some folks just aren’t into the whole glitz and glamor types of weddings. Are you one of them? Perhaps your dream wedding consists of bare feet, four-wheelers, and overalls. If this type of ceremony gets your panties in a bunch (in a good bunch, that is), wedding ministers in Oklahoma City are more than willing to help you and your brood of toothless bridesmaids and groomsmen out.

We’re just kidding; we know not all hillbillies are toothless.
Anyway, getting married is a major commitment, and the type of wedding service you have is a big decision. Your wedding should be about creating lasting memories that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime. If a ritzy reception is not your idea of a good time, tell your wedding officiant in OKC what is. Some of the best weddings in the world are thrown together with simple means.

Together, you and your marriage officiant in OKC will determine just how “hillbilly” you want your wedding to be. Here are some things to consider:

  • Should the wedding officiant in OKC dress in hillbilly attire?
  • Should your wedding gown be decked out in Camo designs?
  • What is the designated are in which the cousins will play doctor?
  • Which guns will be shown and used during the wedding ceremony?
  • Will there be a ban on dental floss, toothbrushes and dentists?
  • Should you wear a gown at all?
  • How big is the barn you will have this at?
  • Where will the guests place their belt buckles?
  • What type of food will you have? Small game entrees such as deer, opossum, and squirrel?
  • What will the bridal party be wearing?
  • Will the ceremony be held outside or in a structure such as a barn?
  • What will be said during the ceremony?
  • Will the age for wet swimsuit contests be lowered to age 5 this year for the girls?
  • Will there be any special music played?
  • What kind of moonshine will you serve?
  • Are the people getting married related by blood? If not, why not!?
  • Have you hidden the cake and bon bons from Cletus and Honey Boo Boo?

Truthfully, no two hillbilly weddings are the same, and what you decide to do at your event is completely up to you and your fiancée. Consider getting creative with the details of your wedding. Perhaps you’ll be ushered into the ceremony on a tractor or pickup truck full of hay. Discuss your plans with your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, and he or she will certainly help make all of your dreams become reality.

Never feel inhibited when discussing your wedding plans with the minister. Marriage officiant in OKC might be miracle makers, but they aren’t kind readers. If you aren’t specific about the details surrounding your hillbilly wedding, your minister can’t help bring your big day to fruition. Hosting a hillbilly wedding is indeed the trendy thing for country bumpkins to do! Express your love in a way that makes you comfortable, while honoring your redneck traditions!

Lastly, consider the younger guests that will be attending your wedding. No child enjoys sitting through an elegant event that forces them to keep clean, quiet, and proper. Imagine the fun your littlest guests will have when they get to wear play clothes, kiss their cousins, eat kid-friendly/fried southern food, shoot guns, and slide around in the mud, barefoot. Wedding ministers in OKC don’t think there is a better wedding theme in the entire world for kids to be kids than a good old fashioned hillbilly shindig.

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