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Pet lovers everywhere will agree that when two beloved animals imprint on each other, their union is reflective of when a human couple falls in love. Seeing their pets so happy, many owners enjoy sanctifying the relationship with a mock wedding event. Let’s face it, we have all heard of birthday parties for pets . . . so why not weddings?Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding officiants in OKC would love to help you give your furry-family member the wedding that he or she deserves. Obviously, this union would not be a binding or legal contract, but it would be a day filled with fun and fond memories, and that’s all that really matters. Wedding ministers in OKC are all about meeting the needs of their clients, and arranging a pet marriage is no exception.

Preparing for the Big Day

The first order of business is to meet with the wedding minister in OKC of your choice. Tell him or her your plans for your beloved pet or pets. If you and another pet owner are joining your nonhuman animals together in holy matrimony, it’s a good idea for the both of you to attend this meeting. Please, feel free to bring your pets, as the wedding minister and her or her staff would love to make their acquaintance.

Bring a list with you of questions that you might have for the marriage officiant in OKC. These questions may consist of things like:

  • What will be said during the ceremony?
  • Can the dogs/cats wear bridal attire?
  • Can we invite our pets’ nonhuman animal friends to the wedding?
  • Are there venues that allow nonhuman animals to be present?
  • Should we have both people food and nonhuman animal food at the reception?

Obviously, this is just a short list of the things you may wish to ask your marriage officiant in Oklahoma. Feel free to openly discuss anything and everything concerning your pets’ engagement.

Certificate of Pet Marriage

As stated above, the marriage union between your nonhuman animals will not be recognized by the State of Oklahoma. However, your OKC wedding minister might be able to create a mock certificate that will memorialize this special day. Detail what you would like have printed on the wedding certificate. Perhaps your dog or cats can put their paw prints on the document using non-toxic ink. Get creative and have fun with the idea.

Pet-Friendly Food

Consider the types of food you’ll be serving during your pets’ wedding reception. In lieu of the humans in attendance at the event, you’ll have to provide both nonhuman animal-friendly and human-friendly cuisine. It’s important that the two do not get mixed up, as you do not want any furry friends consuming human food and becoming ill. This would be quite the travesty and certainly not a welcome occurrence of a pet wedding day. Ask your Oklahoma City marriage officiant if he or she knows of any pet-friendly wedding cake bakers in the area.

The point of a pet wedding is to bring pet owners together for a day of fun and plenty of photo ops. Your pets will enjoy the love and attention that they receive on this glorious day. Enjoy this happy milestone in your dog or cat’s life. Ruff ruff! Meow meow! :

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